About Our Logo

iThe official logo of beijingimpression.cn is consisted of three powerful symbols which have their very own meanings and significance. These symbols are the grey roof, red roof and green leaves.

The Grey roof
Grey color is a very typical color of residential area of Beijing locals. When you travel in Beijing around the traditional residential area especially along the famous hutongs, you will definitely find that there are still many traditional walls which are painted in grey color. Moreover, some of the roofs are in grey too. In this case, the grey color can be used to represent the Beijing locals as well. Anyway, the usage of grey color does not mean that grey color is their favorite colors, but it is a fact that due to some reasons, grey color is widely use among the residents in Beijing ever since before. As a result, we decided to choose grey color to be the first roof in the logo for beijingimpression.cn which means that we are under the same roof of Beijing as we are a very local travel agency based in Beijing.

The Red Roof
Red plays a very important role among Chinese society as red signifies good luck and prosperity. Moreover, red also symbolizes the power and serving as one of the royal colors. You may find that the walls in the Forbidden City and other imperial palaces throughout China are normally painted in red color. Besides that, you will find that each and every house is decorated in red especially during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). If there are special occasions or important events taken place such as wedding ceremonies or birthday celebrations for elderly, the venue will be decorated in red color too. All of these have become the best evidence of how important the red color is in the daily life of Beijing citizens or among the Chinese as a whole. Thus, red rood is chosen as the second symbols of the logo for beijingimpression.cn as we wish that the red color will brings us good luck and prosperity as well.

The Green leaves
Green leaves signify life, nature as well as the environmental protection. beijingimpression.cn is a company which promotes environmental friendly. We hope that the green leaves in our logo will always keep us reminded on loving our green forest of this one and the only blue planet. As a result, beijingimpression.cn always encourages our valued customers to join in hand with our team to protect our environment and Beijing historical sites so that these precious historical heritages can be passes on to our future generations.