Huangyaguan Great Wall

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HuangyaguanGreat Wall is located about 28   kilometers tothe north of Ji County. Built primarily within year 556, it was listed as one of the Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Huangyaguan Great Wall stretched about 42 kilometers from Malan Pass at Zunhua County of Hebei Province in theeast to Jiangjun Pass of Pinggu Beijing in the west. It is one of the section within the ancient Great Wall of China.

With its walls and towers built on mountain ridge with an average altitude of 738 meters, the scene of Huangyaguan Great Wall is really overwhelming. When you are standing on the great wall, you can simply find the cliff on your east and crags on the opposite side. Moreover, the great wall is just like a dragon that winding its way across the mountains. The sloppy topography of the mountain had result in the steps of Huangyaguan Great Wall to be very high. For this reason, there are some sections that look like the wall that running straight up or down. While enjoying the beauty of the Great Wall, you will beable to capture the picturesque surrounding of the mountains as well as waterfalls and springs nearby as well.

Huangyaguan Great Wall.jpg

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