Guide Service

Need a local guide when travel in Beijing?

GuideServiceAs a reliable Beijing local tour operator, Beijing Impression is not only an expert on Beijing tours, but also overall travel services provider. Our Beijing Tour Guide Service is mainly offered for international tourists who may have trouble shopping, dining, finding entertainment or conducting business in China and through the assistance of our guide are able to enjoy a better travel experience. Currently, we offer experienced local guides that specialize in shopping, dining, entertainment and other travel related services. All guides are well trained and have the following skills: fluent English (other language guides are also available), knowledgeable, communicative and easygoing. Most importantly, the guides provided by our company are 100% trustworthy.

If you want to go shopping, to taste China’s delicacies or to have fun in Beijing-then enjoy! Let us help you find the right spot and make it a memorable hassle-free experience. Reserve a local Beijing tour guide now!

What can our guides do to help you?

All of our guides can provide expert advice and the following services about shopping, dining and entertainment, they can actually do all of the following for you:
1 Tour guide: extended knowledge on Beijing history, culture, transportation and tourist sites
2 Shopping guide: offer the best Beijing shopping solutions, give you advice on purchases and assist in bargaining
3 Dining guide: Transportation from your hotel, provide information on Beijing cuisines and restaurants, assist you in ordering dishes, suggest activities in the area and best transport home.
4 Entertaining guide: offer their advices on entertainment and nightlife activities, assist in your transportation and communication
5 Language Translator: daily activities translation only
(For simultaneous interpretation service for formal business event, please email us for other quotations)

Party Size Half day(4hours) One full day(8hours)
1 – 2 USD 32/RMB 200 USD 65/RMB 400
3 – 6 USD 48/RMB 300 USD 97/RMB 600
7 – 10 USD 65/RMB 400 USD 129/RMB 800
More than 10 USD 81/RMB 500 USD 161/RMB 1000

!Above quotations are whole party prices. RMB100 will be charged for per extra hour.

1. The above quotations are subject to change due to varied circumstances. For services in other cities, please email us for specific quotations.
2. Meals for guide are not mandatory.
3. Above quotations exclude tips to the guide.