Tientsin Eye

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The Tientsin Eye, the only bridge with an eye view of the Ferris wheel in the world, is one of Tianjin's landmarks. The Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel in Tianjin, which connects Hebei with The Red Bridge, is a Ferris wheel that is built across the river and has a bridge wheel. It used for both sightseeing and transportation.

The Ferris wheel is 110 meters in diameterand with 48 360-degree transparent cockpits mounted outside the wheel.   Each balcony can accommodate 8 people and can be used for 384 people at the same time. It take 28 minutes to make a round. You will collect all the beautiful vews within a radius of 40 kilometers in your eyes when you reach the highest point, this is why it known as the "Tianjin Eye".   

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