Terminal 3 Beijing Capital International Airport (T3)

The Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport with total area of nearly 1,000,000 square meters is the largest single building airport terminal throughout the world. The newly built terminal was put into service prior to Beijing Olympic 2008 in order to cater for huge passenger flow during the extreme peak season within the occasion. The Terminal 3 Building is divided into main terminal, Domestic Departure Waiting Lounge and International Departure Waiting Lounge. Besides that, the terminal is equipped with auto-process high-speed transfer luggage system, express train that transfer passengers from main terminal to satellite building as well as high-end information system.

Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport is consisted of Terminal 3C main building, Terminal 3D and Terminal 3E. The ground floor of T3C main building is made up of Baggage Processing Hall and VIP Waiting Lounge; the second floor is the Arrival Hall and Baggage Claim Hall; third floor is specialized for Departure Hall; forth Floor is for ticketing service and the highest floor is for food & beverage. The T3C is the domestic departure area while T3E is the international departure area. There is an express train service that connecting between these two terminals.

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After the completion of the construction of Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport turns out to be the first airport throughout the nation which possesses three terminal buildings, two control towers and three flight lanes that operate simultaneously. The total amount of airport taxiways is then increased from 71 to 137 while amount of flight parking space is increased from 164 to 314.

Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport Map

terminal3 map