Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall
Address: Badaling Zhen, Yanqing
Tel: 86-10-69121268
Entrance Fee: Peak season 45 RMB;Low season 40 RMB

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Badaling is the most famous section of the Great Wall, made famous outside China during President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China in February 1972. It has been visited by over 370 international celebrities and dignitaries, as well as by over 120 million tourists over the years. The Badaling section of the wall was originally constructed to protect Juyongguan, though has bee in use since the Warring States Period (770-476 BC).The portion of the Great Wall at Badaling has undergone heavy restoration, and in 1957 it was the first section of the wall to open to tourists. In 1961, Badaling Great Wall was listed as a “cultural relic site under state-level protection”.
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