Beijing Daxing Capital Golf Club

Address: Yonghua Lu, West end of Xingzheng jie, Huangcun,
Daxing District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-61216000
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Beijing Daxing Capital Golf Club is strategically located at the western side of Weixingcheng, Huangcun of Daxing District. The golf club was officially opened in October of 2000.
Solely owned by Chinese CITIC Group Holdings, Beijing Daxing Capital Golf Club which was designed by the world renowned golf course designer, Tom Pearson is exactly a wonderland for golf lovers. In fact, the golf course itself is a WOW factor of the club as its design has fully integrated the essence of concept into the traditional sports of golf. Besides the natural, harmonious and elegant style, the village characteristic of northern China has been widely used within the design of the golf course as well. In order to create a perfect gold course which fulfills the requirements of majority of the potential customers, professional opinions and general views had been widely adopted during the early stage of the designing progress. As a result, difficulties are reasonably added to the course and make the golfing experience to be challenging and exciting. For those who are seeking for ultimate fun of golfing, do try yourself here and you will therefore fall in love with this lovely golf club.

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