Beijing Earls Golf Club

Address: Songzhuang town, Tongzhou district, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-89571855

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Strategically located at the eastern part of Beijing, the Beijing Earls Golf Club is an international standard golf course with 27 holes. Besides that, there is a driving range with total length of 363 yards. Recently, the club is getting more attention among the frequent golfers.
Beijing Earls Golf Club is about 25 minutes drive to the east from Beijing city center. During the planning stage of developing a golf course, the management team had understood that most of the entire golf courses are basically located at the northern part of Beijing. However, the eastern part of Beijing is in fact made up of quite a large number of the Beijing population as well. Thus, the management team had decided to choose the natural green conservation area at the eastern part of Beijing as the final destination of the golf club.
The outstanding design of Beijing Earls Golf Club is designed by Mr. Lim Hungha and all the facilities as well as the management and servicing system of the club is strictly tailored according to the international standards. The first 18-hole course has covered water surface of over 160000 square meters which interconnected with each other. Such a huge connecting water system is rarely found among the golf course design throughout the world. Even fantastic is, none of the lakes within Beijing Earls Golf Club are the outcome of human work. In other word, all the lakes and water system are formed naturally and source from the underground water system. The nine holes in front are designed under theme of grassland and ponds while the next nine holes are under the theme of forest and ponds. The Hole-7 and Hole-13 are both the highlights with the highest difficulty level.

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