Beijing Police Museum

Address: No 36. Dongjiaominxiang Dongcheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-85225018
Entrance Fee: 5 RMB

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Beijing Police Museum is located in the previous address of Citibank, a building of classical western style. The Beijing Police Museum is built under the instruction of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and is categorized under the scope of museum. It serves as a place to show hard work and efforts that were placed by the police of Beijing since the independence of the nation in order to guarantee a peaceful life to the residents. Besides that, the great contributions as well as the brilliant achievements of the police can be clearly seen here.

The whole area of museum is about 2000 square meters with collections over 7000 units and displayed items about 1500 units. Most of the display items here are original copies and attach with explanation and images as supporting evidence. Moreover, high technology equipments for sound, lighting and visual effects are applied together with the traditional display method in order to create a better experience for visitors. Moreover, there are some activities which allow visitors to take part such as the shooting training and fire escape training.

The whole museum is divided into four main halls, which are the History of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Criminal Investigation Hall, Responsibility of Police Hall and Police Equipments Hall. All these halls are set purposely to provide a better idea of the job of police in Beijing. At the same time, it also plays an important role in popularize the self security ideas among the public as well.

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