Bixi Chuidiao Park

Address: Changyang Town Fangshan Dis.
Tel: +86-10-80352133
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 10 RMB
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Bixi Chuidiao Park (Bixi Angling Park) is located about 26 kilometers from Beijing city and serves as a proper all-in-one recreational center with angling, entertainment, restaurants, hotels and shipping facilities. Besides being a good alternative for weekend traveling, it is also very suitable for vacation, traveling and the venue for company outings.The whole area of Bixi Angling Park is quite large with the rich resources of fish in the angling pond. Other than various types of fish, you might get some prawns, crabs as well as Chinese soft-shell turtle as well if you are lucky. Of course it would be crowded especially in the hot summer. However, Bixi Angling Park is also a hot spot for winter fishing as the in-room angling pond has covered an area of 17000 square meters and decorated with colorful flowers. Besides that, there are also mini markets and restaurant available for the convenience of customers.

Although fishing is the main scope of business for Bixi Angling Park, this is not the only service that it can offer. You may also spend time with other activities like tennis, swimming, bowling, mini golf, sauna, massage, Karaoke and etc other than fishing. Besides that, the park also possesses the facilities for large scale conferences and business activities as well.

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