Blue Zoo Beijing

Address: Workers’ Stadium South Gate, Chaoyang District
Tel:  +86-10-65913397

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Blue Zoo Beijing, also called Beijing Gongti Richina Underwater World is the first 5-star saltwater aquarium and is the capital’s only walk through aquarium. Located entirely underground beneath the lake of Beijing Worker’s Stadium, it covers 7,800 square metres of floor space. Blue Zoo Beijing owns an acrylic underwater tunnel 120metres in length, the longest in Asia. In the exhibition hall there are 20 different display tanks containing both fresh water and salt water marine life. This aquarium offers regular Shark Shows. The warm saltwater is artificially produced and provides a home for thousands of fish in a close approximation of their natural habitats. In addition, there are 18 themed tanks, showing a variety of different environments.
Blue Zoo Beijing Themes: Education, Entertainment and Environment. It is a place to study marine culture, marine creatures, marine biology and the marine environment.

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