Capital Stadium

Address: No. 56 Zhongguancun South Avenue Haidian Dis.
Tel: +86-10-68350077

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Capital Stadium is the largest stadium as well as the stadium which provided the most facilities throughout Beijing. The stadium was put into service in 1968 and it is strategically situated to the west of Beijing Zoo, to the east of Zizhuyuan Park and China National Library. The whole architecture is surrounded within greenery and beautiful landscaping.

The construction of Capital Stadium was began in year 1966 and put into service in year two years later. The whole project from designing, construction, materials as well as equipments used are all produced in China. The building architecture is divided into several sections according to its functionality. Besides that main competition hall, there are three exercise halls and six audience resting lounges. Audiences can enter the stadium via staircases at three sides of the stadium; while the ground floor is for athletes, referees, staffs and VIPs.

The Competition Hall of Capital Stadium is very large and is able to conduct various types of competitions, such as table tennis, badminton, volley ball, basketball, gymnasium, ice-skating and etc. Moreover, the stadium is able to accommodate 18000 audiences at one time with eighteen exits. The reasonable settings and designs of the stadium have enabled all the audiences to evacuate all audiences within five minutes.

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