China Science and Technology Museum

Address: No. 1 North Third Ring Middle Road
Tel: +86-10-62371177
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB
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China Science and Technology Museum is the only national level general science and technology museum throughout China. This is the basic facilities to promote knowledge of sciences and technologies among the Chinese residents. The first stage of museum was completed and officially opened to public in September of 1998 followed by the second stage in April of 1000. Later, the museum had added new building in September of 2009.
Basically, the China Science and Technology Museum is trying its best to educate the public regarding some principles and application of sciences through the theme of exhibitions as well as some interactive activities. At the same time, the museum also encourages visitors to experience the knowledge through self experiments and self discovery. Moreover, the museum is also doing its best in embedding the knowledge of scientific thinking, scientific methods as well as scientific spirit among the visitors.
The museum is located at Bechen Road of Chaoyang District Beijing. It is strategically situated to the west of Residential Area of Asian Games, to the east of Olympic Water System, to the North of National Stadium and to the south of Forest Park. The whole museum has covered an area of over 48000 square meters with architectural area of 10200 square meters. The new hall of the museum is consist of five theme halls which are the Wonderland of Science, The Light of China, Exploration and Discovery, Technology and Living as well as Challenge and Future. Besides that, various types of cinemas, experiment rooms, scientific report rooms and multiple functioning rooms are available as well.
The exterior building structure of the China Science and Technology Museum itself can be considered as a unique creation as well. The building seems to be matched together via numerous numbers of building blocks and formed the shape of Luban Lock and also a magical cube. The building design is signifying unlock and the quest of scientific mystery.

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