Chinese Military Weapon Gallery

Address: Luyuanzhong Road Tongzhou Dis.
Tel: +86-10-89597562
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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Chinese Military Weapon Gallery is located at the eastern part of Beijing city. The construction of this site began in year 1991 with construction area of over 12000 square meters. In year 1998, the Chinese Military Weapon Gallery is officially opened to the public and was given the name as “The Basement for Defense Education of Beijing” by the Beijing government. The gallery has collected over 10000 pieces of related artifacts, including various types of military weapons from 23 countries. Moreover, there are also some old weapons which were used during the First and Second World War, the Asia’s remaining largest Japanese style caliber 300 mm which weight nearly a hundred tons and Japanese royal samurai swords aged over 500 years.

Once entering the ground floor lobby of the gallery, you will see a huge bronze carved artwork of Chairman Mao together with the soldiers. The gallery has been divided into several exhibition halls as follow:

1. Development History Hall
The weapons that exhibit here are properly arranged according to the period of years within large scale scenic views to enforce the entire situation in the history. Moreover, detail explanations are provided in order for visitors to know more about the weapons used as well as to gain more knowledge about the history of that period. There are 232 units of weapons, 25 units of instruments, 88 units of knives and 163 units of stationeries displayed within this hall.

2. Anti War Hall
Most of the military weapons which displayed here are made in United States, Germany, Japan and Great Britain.

3. Tunnel War Setting Display
Tunnel War is a type of warring method which was commonly used during Anti-Japanese War. This hall exhibits the sample of the tunnel settings during the war as well as the weapons used during the war.

4. Light Weapon Hall
There are over 5000 units of pistols, rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns manufactured by over 50 countries are displayed here. The amount of light Weapons has made up the more than half of the total amount of weapons here.

5. Cannon Hall
The center part of the hall is placed a cannon which was successfully made locally in year 1984 while the cannon on the eastern side is the cannon used by Japanese during the war. Over 300 units of related weapons are shown within this hall.

6. Outdoor Cannon Site
27 units of cannons out of many kinds are lined up properly on a small hill. The peak of the hill stands one Japanese cannon which was made in year 1940.

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