Crown Cave

Address: Middle Part of Li River (29 kilometers)
Guilin City Guangxi Province
Entrance Fee: 60 RMB

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Crown Cave is in fact a huge underground river caves with 12 kilometers length which originated from Haiyang Mountain at the east of Guilin. Currently, only the sections which is closer to Li River has been developed for tourism purpose in which consists of two dry holes and underground rivers at about three kilometers length. You may find quite a number of stone tables and chairs for the use of visitors once you enter the scenic area. Especially during the spring season, you may take a sit here while enjoying the peach and plum blossoms.
The Crown Cave Underground River Tour is designed strictly according to high standard in order to create a wonderful experience for the visitors. Automatic sound and lighting systems, trams, boats as well as sightseeing elevators have made the facilities available within the park to be almost perfect. There are many routes that you may take in order to visit all round the cave. You may first have a closer look to the underground river via boat, and then follow by a short stroll through the impressive palm hall and finally taking a dry hole tram tour. Moreover, you may also take a boat ramp straight to the parking lot or take a natural watercourse from the hole directly to the shore of Li River and visit to the island bar.

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