Former Residence of Li Dazhao

Address: No 24 Wenhua Hutong Xicheng Dis.
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Entrance Fee: 10 RMB
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Li Dazhao was a Chinese intellectual and supporter of Karl Marx who was also one of the founders of Communist Party of China. Li Dazhao had been working in Beijing from year 1916 to 1927 and throughout these 10 years, he had stayed at eight places. In middle, he stayed at Xicheng District for about four years since early spring of 1920 until January of 1924. This was the place where he spent with his family for the longest duration except for his hometown. As a result, his residence at Xicheng District Beijing was officially named as Keyed Conservative Building of Beijing city on the August of 1979.
The former residence of Li Dazhao was designed under a very typical Chinese traditional architecture designs with overall area of about 550 square meters. There are three rooms on the north with two side rooms each on both ends, and three rooms each on the east and west of the yard. The east room of the north building was the bedroom for Li Dazhao couples, the east side room of the north building was the room for Li Xinghua, the eldest daughter of Li Dazhao while the north room of the east building was the room for Li Baohua, the eldest son of Li Dazhao. The guest room was situated at the south room of the east building while the west building was the study room for Li Dazhao.
The experts for the study of the history of Communist Party of China had agreed thoroughly that the Former Residence of Li Dazhao at Beijing is the best evidence for the spread of Karl Marx philosophy by Li Dazhao, the foundation of Communist Part of China as well as the Revolution in northern part of China.
The history recorded that Li Dazhao loved his residence in Beijing very much as this was the place where he spent the happiest time with his family. Li Guanghua, the second son and Li Zhonghua, second daughter of Li Dazhao were both born within this lovely courtyard. The eldest son and eldest daughter of Li Dazhao had witnessed the efforts that their father had poured during the revolution and realized that how important that the revolution meant for China, thus, had both joined the wave of China revolution together with their father.
The Former Residences for Li Dazhao is officially opened to public since May of 2007 the same date for the celebration of 80th anniversary of Li Dazhao joined the Revolution of China. Although this residence had been named as one of the Keyed Conservative Building of Beijing city since 1979, the house was manipulated by local residents for years. After the government spent a large amount of money to transfer the entire residents to other places, a large scale of renovation in order to recover the original looks of this courtyard had been taken place. Nowadays, the Former Residences for Li Dazhao has been recovered to its original looks during it served as the house for the whole family of Li Dazhao. 30% of the building was made by its original materials during the rebuilt project.

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