Guanfu Museum

Address: No 18 Jinnan Road Dashanzi Zhangwanfen Chaoyang District
Tel: +86-10-64338887

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Founded by Ma Weidu in year 1996, Guanfu Museum or sometimes named as Maweidu Museum is the first Non Government organized museum in China. The museum can be divided into several exhibition halls, including Pottery Hall, Furniture Hall, Oil Painting Hall, Art and Craft Hall and Door and Window Frame Hall. Besides that, it is also a great destination for various types of seminars and exhibitions. There are branches of the museum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Xiamen, Fujian Province as well.
1. Pottery Hall
Most of the pottery exhibited here are within the reign of Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. Over 150 pieces of artifacts are displayed here throughout the year in which some of them are products of five most significant pottery manufacturing site throughout the years.
2. Furniture Hall
The whole exhibition area for Furniture Hall has been divided into six cubic for the display of different types of furniture. The furniture is basically group according to the type of wood that it was made from. On top of that, there is also a hall which was designed like an ancient study room. Over 200 pieces Ming and Qing furniture are displayed here.
3. Oil Painting Hall
The paintings of modern Chinese artists like Chen Yifei, Yang Feiyun, Chen Yanning, Liu Wenjing and Luo Zhongli can all be found here. Besides that, there are also over 10 pieces of precious sculptures exhibited within the hall too.
4. Art and Craft Hall
Divided into three halls, over 100 pieces of ancient art and craft works are dotted within the area. Lacquered furniture, cloisonné, ancient stationery, bronze tools and etc can all be found here.
5. Door and Window Frame Hall
Most of the door and window frames which displayed here are made in Jiangnan. The hall is divided into five smaller halls for the convenience of visitors.

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