Gubeikou Great Wall

Strategically located at Northeast of Miyun district,
about 125 kilometers from Beijing city

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Gubeikou Great wall is strategically located at Northeast of Miyun district about 125 kilometers from Beijing city, Gubeikou Great Wall is the middle part in between of Shanhaiguan Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. It served as one of the important military sites throughout the history as well as the most important way to connect Beijing with the plain at Neimenggu. Sometimes, Gubeikou Great Wall is rounded within the section of Simatai Great Wall as well. Gubeikou Great Wall was built according to the original topography of the mountains with three water gates across Chao River. This feature had made Gubeikou Great Wall to be outstanding when compared with the other sections of Great Wall in Beijing.
Gubeikou Great Wall was first built within year 550 to 559 by Northen Qi Government as a part of the 1500 kilometers Great Wall which linked between Datong City and Bohai. However, the original great wall was mainly built by loess soil and throughout the years, you could hardly find the original structure of this great wall anymore. The entire Gubeikou Great Wall which you can see nowadays is actually a leave over by Ming Dynasty. When compared with other great wall sections where you might only be able to witness the uniqueness of this wonderful Chinese structure, Gubeikou Great Wall can offer you more with some historical sites nearby such as Temple of Yanglinggong, Panlong Mountain, Gubeikou Anti-war Ruins and etc
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