Historic Relics

Marco Polo Bridge
Marco Polo Bridge is a bridge famed for its decoration, its description by Marco Polo and for its part in the history of World War 2.

Jiaozhuanghu Underground Tunnels
Jiaozhuanghu Underground Tunnels are a labyrinth of underground tunnels built by the local people in Jiaozhuanghu village during the period of China’s War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945).

Zhangfang Ancient Battle Road
Zhangfang Ancient Battle Road is one of the Heritage Conservation Units of Beijing. It is located at Zhangfang Town of Fangshan District which is about 75 kilometers from Beijing downtown.

Jimingyi Post Station
Jimingyi Post Station is one of the most famous postal stations throughout the history of China that built within Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644).

Zhaitang Cheng
Zhaitang Cheng was built within Ming Dynasty in order to ensure the security of Beijing Capital for military purpose.

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