Honglingjin Park

Address: No. 5 Houbalizhuang Chaoyang Dis.
Tel: +86-10-85824746
Website: http://www.hljpark.com/
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Honglingjin Park (Red Scarf Park) which located at Balizhuang of Chaoyang District is originally built in year 1958. The whole area of the park has covered 40 hectares with water surface of over 16 hectares. There are over ten thousands of trees and flowers planted within this huge area and the lawn area is about 66000 square meters as well. This park has become one of the most suitable destinations for educational trips of students as well as to ensure the visitors can be recharged through their visit to this park.

A renovation project has been taken place in year 1999. The major thought of the renovation is to transfer the park into a place which suitable as recreational center especially for the youth and youngsters. The young people can exercise; have fun, entertainment and education here soon become the theme and major function of the park. After the renovation, the park is divided into seventeen functional areas including three different types of plaza. There are corners for science education, restaurants, youth training, lotus pond, cruising, water sports, fishing and etc. All of these have guaranteed its status as a desired wonderland for the youngster especially. Some interesting attractions of Honglingjin Park are as below:

1. Honglingjin Zhige Theme Plaza (The Song of Red Scarf Theme Plaza)
Located at the west side of southern plaza, covering an area of over 2000 square meters; the Honglingjin Zhige Theme Plaza (The Song of Red Scarf Theme Plaza) is highlighted with its theme sculpture at the center part of the area. Moreover, there are eight sculptures of nation hero surrounding the plaza.

2. Yinxing Guangchang (Ginkgo Plaza)
Yinxing Guangchang (Ginkgo Plaza) is the liveliest area throughout the area park. The plaza is named after the 27 Ginkgo trees which serve as one of the highlights of the park. Besides taking a stroll below the Ginkgo trees, you may also take a far view from the opposite side of the take overlooking this piece of land. The feeling will be absolutely different.

3. Plants Observing Area
Located at the eastern side of the lake, Plants Observing Area is enriched with plenty of rare species like pine, ginkgo, begonia and lagerstroemia.

4. Children Playground
This is the paradise for kids. Various types of games which suits for kids from 3 to 12 years old are available here. At the southern part of the playground, a collection of 12 zodiacs fountains, sunshine corridor and cobble stones path is perfecting the whole design of playground.

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