Jimingyi Post Station

Address: Jimingyi Village Huailai County Zhangjiakou Town Hebei Province
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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Jimingyi Post Station is one of the most famous postal stations throughout the history of China that built within Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). Jimingyi is situated to the north of Yang River and at the foot of Jiming Mountain, Huailai County of Hebei Province. The whole area of ancient post station had covered 22000 square meters in a shape of square. There are four Corner Towers around the ancient post office and two city gates facing east and west of the city wall. Some of the residents have been staying here since Ming Dynasty. Jimingyi Post Station can be considered as one of the most precious heritage of Posting Service of China with very high cultural value.

Jimingyi Station was the largest ancient post station which located around Beijing. Although it was built within Ming Dynasty and had went through over five hundred years of history, it was still remained in good condition and thus providing a very strong evidence as well as the sources for research regarding the post station of ancient dynasty.

The postal station played a very important role throughout the history of China. In ancient China, horses were the main transportation that brought people from one place to another place. Anyway, due to the physical strength and the limited distance that a horse can run within a day, the postal carriers need to change horses in the midway to ensure the mails reached their destinations on time. Normally, the midway stations that enabled postal carriers to stop and rest was named as post-house. Then, the post-house would develop into village, towns as well as protective fortress as well gradually.

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