Jiufeng National Forest Park

Address: Sujiatuo Town Haidian District
Contact: +86-10-62455825
Website: None
Entrance Fee: Low Season 10 RMB; Peak seasons 15 RMB

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jiufeng national park


Jiufeng Guojia Senlin Gongyuan (Jiufeng National Forest Park) is situated right in the middle of the forest about 30 kilometers to the west of Beijing. The park is connected to Taihang Mountain on the south and Yanshan Mountain on the north. In fact, Jiufeng National Forest Park is wholly owned by Beijing Forestry University and officially approved by Ministry of Forestry China in year 1992. Breathtaking scenery, majestic creation as well as the ancient path have made up of this wonderful world of 866 hectares. The wealth of natural resources here has attracted people from all around the world to place this attraction as one of their must visit schedule. Frankly speaking, Jiufeng National Forest Park has been one of the top attractions in Beijing throughout the history. Many poems as well as famous writings were produced based on the picturesque scenery here. There are two ancient trees which grow on top of the steel cliff sides; one of them is Longzhuafengtou Song (Dragon Claw Phoenix Head Pine), while the other one is Jianganchongtian Song (Towering Shaft Pine). Both this ancient pine are towering into sky and when look from afar, the both trees are just like two black eagles that stand proudly on the cliff side. Thus, this is the reason why it was given name as Jiufeng which means Black Eagle Peak.

Jiufeng National Forest Park is famous with the huge amount of ancient trees. There are over 300 ancient trees with age over thousands years throughout this area. Moreover, the national park is also famous with the steep cliffs of the mountains here. After climbing up a hill, you may find that the next one is challenging you in front. Besides the natural blessed gifts, there is also quite a number of ancient architecture within this park. The most recommended attractions including Jiufeng (Black Eagle Peak), Jiufeng Shanzhuang (Black Eagle Villa), Red Leaf Scenic Spot, Green House Area as well as Picnic Area.

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