Kangxi Grassland

Address: Dawangzhuang Cun West, Yanqing.
Tel: +86-10-69133776
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 30RMB
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Kangxi Grassland is located to the west of Kangzhuang town in Yanqing County. This grassland covers 32,000 acres and is the only area of grassland in the Beijing area. There is a definite Mongolian vibe to the area, enhanced by the presence of Mongolian yurts and horses.
Kangxi Grassland offers rich animal and plant resources. Among them over 50 are grass species such as clover, wild chrysanthemum, and cogongrass, more than 20 species of bird such as herring-gull, wild duck, wild goose, grey crane, and more than 10 species of animal, such as wild rabbit, fox and badger.
Activities at Kangxi include horse racing, archery, camel racing and fishing. There is a standard horse riding with many horses for tourists to ride. In evening, one can attend a bonfire party and appreciate Inner Mongolian songs and dances and listen to the playing of horse head fiddles. Tourists may stay in the yurts. For food and beverages, there are Mongolian foods such as roast goat, roast rabbit, milk tea, fried rice, kumiss, cheese, and milk fruits.
In summary, the Kangxi Grassland is an ideal way to experience traditional Mongolian culture and scenery a stone’s throw from Beijing!

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