Morning Exercise

Address: No.7 Tiantan East Rd. Chongwen Dis. Beijing
Entrance Fee: Peak season 15RMB; Low season 10RMB

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As the old Chinese saying goes; “an hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon”. Morning is the most important time of the day. Every morning, throngs of local people get together in in Beijing’s parks to perform Morning Exercises, which have in themselves become a tourist attraction and a unique sight in Beijing. In addition to more regular activities such as jogging, and taking a stroll, there are also singing, dancing, and a huge variety of sports and exercise forms that you may not even know existed! If you’re willing to get up early in the morning, join us on one of our Morning Tours!

Several popular methods of Morning Exercises are: Tai Chi Soft Ball and Tai Chi Boxing, and attending the Flag Raising Ceremony in Tiananmen Square, or to hike in one of Beijing’s many parks or the Fragrant Hills Park scenic area.

Tai Chi Soft Ball
This sport won its popularity during the early 1990s, and is based on traditional Tai Chi and Kung Fu techniques combined with modern racquet sports. In the early morning, thousands of people enjoy playing this game for fun, for show and in competition in different parks.

Tai Chi Boxing
Tai Chi (“Taiji” in Chinese) is a mysterious and graceful martial art form enjoyed daily by millions of people around the world because of its health, relaxation, and self-defense benefits. As an exercise beneficial to health, Tai Chi is said to improve balance, lower blood pressure, and aid relaxation. Softness overcoming hardness is the central tenet of Tai Chi.
Traditional Tai Chi Boxing can aid in keeping fit, preventing and curing diseases, performance, self-defense and cultivating a better temperament. Tai Chi is performed in most parks in Beijing, but is particularly beautiful in the majestic setting of the Temple of Heaven park.

The Flag Raising Ceremony
This important ceremony is held on Tiananmen Square every morning just before sunrise. When the ceremony starts, a Guard of Honor (comprised of military soldiers) marches out of the Tiananmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace, formerly the entrance to the imperial palace of the Forbidden City), and raises the national flag of The Peoples’ Republic of China up the flag-pole located at the northern end of the Tiananmen Square. The ceremony only lasts about 10-15 minutes, but attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every morning, especially on important days and festivals, such as May 1st (International Labor Day), on Oct 1st (China’s National Day), as well as every New Year and Chinese New Year.

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