Fragrant Hill
Fragrant Hills Park is a public park in the Haidian District. It covers 1.6 km2 and consists of a natural pine-cypress forest and is landscaped areas with traditional architecture and cultural relics.

Miaofeng Mountain
Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Area is famous for its beautifuls scenery and temple complexes.

Baihua Mountain
Baihua Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Beijing municipaility and a popular weekend destination for Beijingers.

Lingshan Mountain
With an elevation of 2,302 meters, Mt. Lingshan, located in Mentougou district, is the highest peak in Beijing.

Wuling Mountain
Wuling Mountain is perhaps the most beautiful mountain in Beijing municipality.

Bodhisattva Mountain
Pusa Mountain, which literally means Bodhisattva Mountain, is situated in Changping District and about 50 kilometers from Beijing city.

Beijing Yunfeng Mountain
Beijing Yunfeng Mountain, or more commonly known as Cloud Peak Mountain at 305 meters above sea level, is situated at the north of Miyun Reservoir over 30 km from Miyun County.

Jiangjun Mountain Scenic Area
Jiangjun Mountain Scenery Area (General Mountain Scenic Area) is 1A-level national tourism attraction which situated in the national geology garden in Fangshan District about 50 km away from Beijing city.

Beijing Beigong National Forest Park
Beigong National Forest Park is located in Fengtai District, the western part of Beijing and covers an area of 8 square km.

Mount Langya Scenic Area
Mount Langya which situated at Yi County of Hebei Province is one of the national forest conservation areas throughout China. Besides that, this is also the venue where the well known tragedy of Five Heroes of Mount Langya occurred.

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