Longqing Gorge
Longqing Gorge is popular tourist attraction, which is in harmony with the rhythm of the landscape.

Stone Flower Cave
Shihuadong is a huge cave of 2.5km with five levels. It is known for hundreds of years and according to legend was discovered by a Buddhist monk.

Jiufeng National Forest Park
Breathtaking scenery, majestic creation as well as the ancient path have made up of this wonderful world of Jiufeng Natural Forest Park.

Taoyuan Xiangu
Beijing Taoyuan Xiangu is one of the well known natural preserved National AAA Tourist Attractions in Beijing.

Jingdong Grand Canyon
Jingdong Grand Canyon which situated about 82 kilometers from Dongzhimen is a listed National AAA Tourist Attraction in Beijing.

Guyaju Scenic Area
Guyaju Scenic Area (Ancient Cliff Side Residence) is strategically located about 20 kilometers to the north western side of Badaling Great Wall.

Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon
The whole route of Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon takes about 6.6 kilometers and width 0.5 kilometers.

Xianqi Cave
Xianqi Cave is the only cave in Northern China which needs to go through a 500 meters water ride before reaching its entrance.

Eastern Beijing Great Stalactite Cavern
On top of that, Eastern Beijing’s Great Stalactite Cavern can be reached easily.

Qinglong Ravine Beijing
Qinglong Ravine Beijing is a famous spot which located at the entrance of ancient great wall.

Jingdong Shilinxia Scenic Area
Generally, Jingdong Shilinxia is divided naturally into eastern and western part with both offering breathtaking views to all visitors.

Miyun Yunxiu Valley Scenic Area
Miyun Yunxiu Valley Scenic Area is strategically located right on the foot of Wuling Mountain about 132 kilometers from Beijing city.

Miyun Qinglianggu Scenic Area
Qinglianggu Scenic Area (Cool Valley Scenic Area) is the first developed scenic area at the eastern part of Beijing.

Wofosi Yingtaogou
Shifangpujue Temple which located at the southern slope of Shouan Hill of Beijing is commonly known as Wofosi (Sleeping Buddha Temple).

Gouya Natural Scenic Area
Gouya Natural Scenic Area (Ditch Cliff Natural Scenic Area) is located at Changping District of Beijing city, about 40 kilometers from city center.

Baiyanggou Scenic Area
Baiyanggou Scenic Area is located at Changping District of Beijing. It is famous with its unique flora and strange stones as well as uncountable naturally formed topography.

Huyu Natural Scenic Area
Huyu Natural Scenic Area (Tiger Ravine Natural Scenic Area) is located at the north western part of Changping District and belongs to a part of Taihang Mountains.

Yinhudong Scenic Area
Yinhudong Scenic Area (Silver Fox Cave Scenic Area), the largest scale of both water and dry formation of limestone caves throughout northern China.

Shentangyu Scenic Area
Located 65 kilometers from Beijing city center, Shentangyu Scenic Area is the first scenic area at Huairou District which open to public as a tourist attraction.

Jingdu Diyipu
Although Jingdu Diyipu serves as the major attraction within this scenic area, this is not the only interesting spot that you may visit when you are here.

Tianmo Tourist Area
Tourist Area (Heavenly Desert) is the well known destination with not even single greenery to the west of Beijing.

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