Park & Garden

Beijing Badachu Park
Badachu Park is scenic area of beautiful forest and mysterious temples at the foot of Beijing’s Western Hills.

Botanical Garden
The Beijing Botanical Garden is a botanical garden situated in the northwestern outskirts of Beijing.

Morning Exercise
Every morning, thousands of local people get together in the parks to perform morning exercises, which are a very special feature of Beijing.

Purple Bamboo Garden
Purple Bamboo Park is located in the Haidian District of northwestern Beijing. The park consist of three connecting lakes covering over a total area of 48 hectares.

World Park
Beijing World Park, in Fengtai district, recreates the world’s most famous sights in miniature!

Yuyuantan Park
Yuyuantan Park has more than 2000 cherry trees. Every year thousands come to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

China Millennium Monument
The China Millennium Monument is a sundial-like architecture built to commemorate the AD2000. Now it has become a museum for collecting, exhibiting and researching in foreign arts, called “Beijing World Art Museum”.

World Flower Garden
World Flower Garden is a large area devoted to floweres from both China and abroad.

Tongzhou Grand Canal Park
Tongzhou Grand Canal Park is located in Tongzhou District, southeast of Beijing. It covers a total area of 368 square meters (909 acres) with length of 4,600 meters and width of 600-800 meters.

The Temple of Earth
The Temple of Earth was constructed in 1530 by Emperor Jia Jing during the Ming Dynasty and serves as the religious opposite to the Temple of Heaven.

Olympic Green
The Olympic Green is an Olympic Park in Beijing, China constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

City Wall Relics Park
The park is located 3 kilometers from the center of the city, between the southeast turret and Chongwen Gate in the west. It is a scenic spot of ancient architecture. It was open to the public in 2002.

Prince Gong Garden & Mansion
Prince Gong’s Mansion is known as one of the most ornate and extravagant residence compounds in Beijing.

Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan)
Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace) is known for its extensive gardens and ruins.

Chaoyang Park
Beijing Chaoyang Park is the largest park in urban Beijing.

Jingshan Park
Jingshan Park directly overlooks the Forbidden City and central Beijing.

Beihai Park
Beihai park is one of the most famous tour attractions in Beijing, famed for its White Dagoba and beautiful gardens.

Beijing Wanfangting Park
Beijing Wanfangting Park is a multipurpose park which located within south third ring road of Beijing, the residents around this area have been set as the targeted servicing customers ever since the building of the park.

The Park of Ruins of Dadu City Wall Yuan Dynasty
The Park of Ruin of Dadu City Wall Yuan Dynasty in Beijing is a park that is rebuilt on the ruins of Dadu’s City Wall of Yuan Dynasty.

Beijing Hujing Water Park
The whole architecture designs as well as its decoration themes of Beijing Lake View Water Park are mainly according to the style of Caribbean Sea.

Beijing Qinglonghu Park
Beijing Qinglonghu Park (Beijing Green Dragon Park) which located about 20 kilometers from Beijing is easily reached via both public and private transportation.

Beijing Jinxiudadi
Beijing Jinxiudadi is located at Daidian District which is blessed with beautiful scenery as well as convenience in transportation.

Imperial Garden of Ancient Mulberry
Imperial Garden of Ancient Mulberry which consists of a huge compound of garden full of Mulberry is decorated with flowing rivers, bridges, green lawn as well as blooming flowers.

Beijing Daguanyuan
Beijing Daguanyuan is a very unique ancient garden with over 40 pavilions and towers as well as Buddhism style of courtyard which was designed with artificial mountains and river systems, plenty of colorful flowers and lush greenery.

Rending Lake Park
Rending Lake Park has provided a brand new style of garden landscape design in Beijing.

Dongdan Park
Dongdan Park covers an area of 47700 square meters is located right in the middle of the busting city.

Miniature Garden of Old Beijing
The Miniature Garden of Old Beijing has rebuilt the city of Beijing during Ming and Qing Dynasty in the ratio of 1:15.

Bird Park Beijing
Bird Park Beijing with the whole area of over 66660 square meters is the only bird watching as well as bird protection center throughout Beijing.

Honglingjin Park
Honglingjin Park is one of the most suitable destinations for educational trips of students as well as to ensure the visitors can be recharged through their visit to this park.

Imperial Ancestral Temple
Tai Miao which commonly known as Imperial Ancestral Temple was a unique place where sacrificial ceremonies in honor of the imperial family’s ancestors were held especially on some important events.

Temple of Moon
Temple of Moon which located at the western central of Beijing, strategically at the southwestern part of Fucheng Men was the altar specifically used in ritual sacrifice to the Moon.

Temple of Sun
Temple of Sun which located at the eastern central of Beijing at Chaoyang District was the altar specifically used in ritual sacrifice to the Sun.

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