River,Lake & Reservoir

Yanqi Lake
Yanqi Lake 10km north of Huairou Town, nestled between the low green Yan mountains (Yan Shan) on three sides with the North China Plain.

Yeya Lake
Yeya Lake is the largest wetland bird habitat near the city.

Shidu Scenic Area
Shidu Scenic Area is a destination that rich of natural resources with green plants coverage of over 82% of the total landscape.

White Dragon Pond Scenic Area
Located about 30 kilometers to the north eastern corner of Miyun District, White Dragon Pond Scenic Area is hiding within the Longtan Shan at the foot of Yanshan Mountain.

Beijing Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Beijing Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area which located in the suburb of Huairou District Beijing is peacefully laid within stainless mountains and crystal clear water.

Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area
Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area (Pearl Lake Scenic Area) is one of the most famous scenic areas at Mentougou District Beijing.

Beijing Shichahai
Shichahai which located to the north western part of the Forbidden City and Beihai Lake is an historic scenic area of Beijing. Shichahai is consisted of three lakes which are Qianhai (Front Sea), Xihai (West Sea) and Houhai (Back Sea).

Huairou Xiangshuihu Scenic Area
Huairou Xiangshuihu Scenic Area which located about 78 kilometers from Beijing city to the west of Mutianyu Great Wall is in fact a part of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty.

Jinhaihu (Golden Sea Lake) which located about 85 kilometers from Beijing is a scenic area that covers an area of over 6.5 square kilometers.

Guihe Rafting
Guihe Rafting is a unique activity at Yanqing District. Guihe is a river that flows along undeveloped area that is rich of natural resources and free of pollutants.

Guanting Reservoir
Guanting Reservoir is the first large scale reservoir which was built across Yongding River. It is located about 105 kilometers from Beijing and is belonging to Huailai District of Hebei Province.

Miyun Reservoir
Miyun Reservoir is located about 13 kilometers to the north of Miyun District. It is strategically lies within Yanshan Mountains and across both Chao River and Bai River.

Baiyangdian Lake
Baiyangdian is a 4A scenic area which located at Anxin county of Hebei province. In fact, Baiyangdian is situated right on the borders of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang in which apart from each of these three destinations about 150 km that covering an area of 366 square kilometers.

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