Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park

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Seven Star Park which located at the eastern shore of Li River and covers an area of over 120 hectares is the largest comprehensive park in Guilin. The park is made up of seven peaks which consist of four peaks of Putuo Mountains and three peaks of Yueya Mountains (Crescent Mountains). Thus, it gains its name as Seven Star Park. Besides the elegant view of the mountains, the crystal clear water, mystical stone forest, peaceful valley as well as flora and fauna has make the park a perfect destination for vacation and retreat. The main attractions of Seven Star Park includes Huaqiao (Flower Bridge), Putuo Mountains, Qixingyan Rock (Seven Stars Rock), Tuofeng (Camel Hill), Yueya Shan (Crescent Mountains), Longyin Cave (Dragon Hiding Cave) and many others.
Huaqiao (Flower Bridge) which was built within the reign of Song Dynasty is the oldest bridge in Guilin. The bridge is located right at the entrance gate of the park with total length of 135 meters. Especially during spring and summer, the bridge will be overwhelmed with blooming flowers. For this reason, the bridge was named as Flower Bridge.
Besides that, Putuo Mountains with its four peaks have made up the major part of the park. As there is a Buddha enshrined on the hill, thus it was named as Putuo Mountain. Although there are many interesting spots within the area of Putuo Mountains, Qixingyan Rock (Seven Stars Rock) is the most famous one among the rest. It is named as ‘Residence of the Immortals’ by the local residents as for the multifarious stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars formed by the dissolved limestone can be found within the cave. The cave is divided into three levels and currently only the middle layer of the cave is opened for tourist.
The Crescent Mountains on the other hand is located to the south of Putuo Mountains. As there is a crescent shaped stone on the mountain, it was given the beautiful name. Walking through the stone steps, the Banyue Pavilion, Crescent Rock and Guanghan Pavilion will come into your eyesight. Guihai Stele Forest which housed over 220 tablets is located at the southern foot of the hill. Various types of tablets which referring to politics, economics, culture or even military affairs were presented in the forms of poems, couplets and sometimes images as well.

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