Shidu Scenic Area

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Shidu Scenic Area is a destination that rich of natural resources with green plants coverage of over 82% of the total landscape. The name of this scenic area “Shidu” is in fact means ten jetties. According to the history, Juma He (Juma River) used to be very large river that rich of water supply and it was impossible for the residents to build crossing bridge over the river. For this reason, there was a small jetty (Du) after every turn in order for the people to cross the river. As a whole, there are a total of ten turns throughout the 20 kilometers length of river. This also means that, there will be ten jetties here. So, this is how this scenic area obtained its name.

The actual area of Shidu Scenic Area is over 300 square kilometers which is the largest natural scenic area in terms of the distance of east-west axis. The whole area of Shidu covers from Yidu Cun (First Jetty Village) from the east that stretch about 40 kilometers to Dashadi at the west; from Sanqing Cave at the north to Gaoliang Mountain at the south. The highest peak of Shidu Scenic Area is Dawajiang, which is about 1210.8 meters above sea level; while the lowest point is Zhangfang at only 84.2 meters above sea level.

As the scenic area is located far from the bustling city, the surrounding area is very clean and free from any pollution. This is a very suitable destination for retreat and will definitely get you recharged when you are here. Especially for foreign visitors, this is the best place for you to experience daily life of a Chinese farmer. You may stay with the locals, involve in their farm works, and join their meals. If you are lucky enough, you might have the opportunity to witness their cultural activities like marriage and funeral events. You may feel the different environment of occasions when compared with other nation here in China.

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