Shunxin Green Resort Beijing

Address: Lisui Town West Shunyi Dis.
Tel: +86-10-89485588
Website: None
Entrance Fee: Free

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Shunxin Green Resort as the largest plain forest eco-tourism scenic area of Beijing is strategically located along picturesque Chaobai River. The resort was built in year 1986 and about 35 kilometers from Beijing downtown as well as 13 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport. The whole area of the resort has covered a huge compound of natural forest as well as over 2000 Mu water surface. Thus, it is given another name as Vienna Forest in the suburb of Beijing.

The resort is placed within an area of over 220 hectares. The resort seems to be embedded within the forest and the average temperature here is about 3-5 degree Celsius lower than downtown area. When you are here, you will be able to escape from the concrete world as you will be staying in a wooden villa, having organic foods and bathe the natural hot spring.

Besides that, Shunxin Green Resort is a well developed resort which offers almost all facilities that a guest might require throughout the stay. Residential villas, business facilities, gymnasium and wellness equipments are all available here. There are 11 wooden natural villas, 10 European style villas, 44 Japanese style guestrooms as well as 300 reception beds available. Moreover, there are also many recreational centers, restaurants, Barbeque Lounge, as well as Multi-functional hall for the convenience of visitors. If you wish to spend one day or two in a natural environment, then Shunxin Green Resort would be the best choice for you.

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