Taoyuan Xiangu

Address: Sujiatuo Town Haidian District
Contact: +86-10-62455825
Website: None
Entrance Fee: Low Season 10 RMB; Peak seasons 15 RMB

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Beijing Taoyuan Xiangu is one of the well known natural preserved National AAA Tourist Attractions in Beijing. Located about 90 kilometers from Beijing and spread about 8 kilometers from western side of Miyun Shuiku to the peak of Guanfengtai with total area of 16 square kilometers. The valley of Taoyuan Xiangu is occupied by natural flora and fauna, several waterfalls, majestic mountains and breathtaking scenery. One of the most attracting scenes would be its winter scene which seems to lead you to another paradise of living.

Taoyuan Lake with water surface of over 14,000 square meters is one of the most significant scenic spot at Taoyuan Xiangu. This lake also serve as the natural power that separate the great wall that passing through this area. You may take time to enjoy fishing, diving as well as rowing around the lake to take a full glance of the picturesque scenery surrounding the lake.

Besides that, Shiwaitaoyuan which is surrounded by water from west, south and east side as well as backing mountain from all dimensions will be a great place for retreat. When you are here, you might be able to see squirrels and rabbits from afar. Moreover, Taoyuan Waterfall with 66 meters height and Qinglong Tan (Green Dragon Pond) with total water surface of over 800 square meters are both the most recommended spots for visitors.

There are various types of activities taken place here throughout the years. For winter sports lovers, then January and February will be the best period of visiting for you and many winter special activities will be conducted here. While March and April is the best season for flower observing and natural resources conservation projects will be taken place on June to August. September and October will be the peak period for fruits picking and Red Leaf Festival will be carried out as the last activity throughout a year.

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