Tanzhe Temple (the Pool and Cudrania Temple)
The Tanzhe Temple is a Buddhist temple situated in the Western Hills, a mountainous area in western Beijing.

Confucius Temple
The Temple of Confucius is the largest Confucian temple in Beijing and second only to that in his hometown of Qufu.

Dongyue Temple
The Beijing Dongyue Temple is a Daoist (Taoist) temple in the Chaowai area.

Biyun Temple (The Temple of Azure Clouds)
The Temple of Azure Clouds (Biyun Si) is located just outside the north gate of Fragrant Hills Park.

Sleeping-Buddha Temple
Wofo Temple is a Buddhist temple located near the Beijing Botanical Garden 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the center of Beijing.

Jietai Temple
Jietai Temple is a Buddhist temple in Mentougou District in western Beijing. It was constructed during the Tang dynasty, with major modifications made during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Yunju Temple
Yunju Temple is located in Fangshan District, 70 kilometers southwest of Beijing.

Hongluo Temple
The Hongluo Temple is one of the largest and most extensive Buddhist temples located in northern Beijing.

Temple Fair
Temple Fairs in Beijing can be traced back to 10th to 11th century. The Buddhism and Taoism were both developing quickly during that period. The royalty and common people were enthusiastic about religious activities. All believers went to the temples and hence the roads were crowded on religious fes

Beijing Baiyunguan Temple
Beijing Baiyunguan Temple is the first Taoism Temple as well as one of the greatest Taoism Temples throughout China. It stands a very high place in the heart of Taoists.

Beijing Dajue Temple
Beijing Dajue Temple which also named as Dajueshansi was built around year 1068 of Liao Dynasty in the style that fully visualized the culture of Khitan People of Liao Dynasty who respected the sun that raise from the east.

Randengfo Sheli Pagoda
RandengFo Sheli Pagoda is one of the scenic spot of Tongzhou District that possesses a very high value of artistic. The pagoda is in octagonal shape with thirteen floors.

Wuta Si (Five Pagoda Temple)
The construction of Wuta Si (Five Pagoda Temple) began within year 1403 to 1424 of Ming Dynasty.

Dule Temple
Dule Temple is one of the National Key Conservation Units as well as one of the well known ancient architecture throughout China. The temple was originally built in Tang Dynasty and was rebuilt in year 983 of Liao Dynasty.

Temples of Emperors throughout the Dynasties
Lidai Diwang Miao (Temples Of Emperors throughout the Dynasties) was the temples for emperors from both Ming and Qing Dynasty to worship their ancestors.

Temple of Agriculture
Xiannong Tan (Temple of Agriculture or Agriculture God Altar) was the place where sacrificial ceremonies for Goddess of Hills, Goddess of Rivers as well as Goddess of Taisui were taken place for both Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Fahai Temple
Fahai Temple was first built by the Board of Works in the 4th year of Emperor Zhengtong, Ming Dynasty (1439A.D.), and it took roughly four years to complete the whole construction.

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