Jiefang Bridge (Liberation Bridge)
Jiefang Bridge (Liberation Bridge) has more than 80 years of history standing over the Haihe River. It stands 96.7-meters long, 5.5-meters high and 19.5-meters wide.

Century Clock
Century Clock stands nearly 40-meters high and weighs 170-tons, and was a sign of the beginning of the Chinese Modern Industry in Tianjin.

Zhou Enlai-Deng Yingchao Museum
Zhou Enlai-Deng Yingchao Museum- Named after a former Primer Minister, one of the founders of PRC. Here you will learn about the life of Zhou Enlai and his wife “Deng Yingchao”.

Nanshi Food Street
Nanshi Food Street is about 3.5kms away from the Museum, located in the center of Nanshi, an old shopping area.

Ancient Culture Street
Ancient Culture Street formerly a place for the assembly and entertainment of boatmen, that was rebuilt into its present state in 1986.

Huangyaguan Great Wall
Huangyaguan Great Wall is located about 28 kilometers to the north of Ji County. Built primarily within year 556, it was listed as one of the Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Dagu Fort
Dagu Fort is situated at the eastern part of Tanggu District, Tianjin at the point where river flows into the sea. Due to its unique location, it occupied a very important status in terms of military purpose throughout the history.

Haihe River
Haihe River, the ‘Mother River’ of Tianjin which flows through the city with total length of 73 kilometers has contributed a lot to the development of Tianjin as well as maintain the daily living to Tianjin people throughout the generation.

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