Tianmo Tourist Area

Adult: 35 RMB/person (20 RMB for Tianmo Park and 15 RMB for Tianmo Sand Sliding)
Tel: +86-313-6853588

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Situated at Longbao Shan (Dragon Treasure Mountain) about 90 kilometers from Beijing, Tianmo Tourist Area (Heavenly Desert) is the well known destination with not even single greenery to the west of Beijing. Tiamo Desert is within a horizontal line with Badaling Great Wall and Kangxi Grassland.

Two huge sand mountains have made up the major attraction at Tianmo Desert. The sand mountain on the east is over 300 meters on south north axis while the total length of the sand mountain on the west is reaching one kilometer, over one hundreds meters of width and height 30 meters. Sand sliding is the only activity that available here. You must try it if you are here or otherwise you will definitely regret for it.

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