Tibet Carpet Factory

Tibet Carpet Factory

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The Tibet Carpet Culture has been developed for over 600 years of history in China. The designs of the carpet are basically still remained a very strong sense of historical influences as most of the motifs or graphics that appear on the Tibet carpet is still maintaining its original traditional styles. Moreover, the Tibet carpet is well known for its unique weaving techniques, attracting colors, soft carpet surface and durability. Moreover, the cultural designs which can be found throughout the designs of the carpet are also one of the reasons why the carpet is famous throughout the world. Besides that, there are also many visitors who purchase Tibet carpet just for its artistic value.
Many different sized of carpet is available at the convenience of customers. In fact, only the products with size of over 18 square feet are named as carpet while the smaller one is called Kadian. Anyway, due to its smaller size and easy to carry while traveling, kadian is more acceptable by the public. Nowadays, kadian has become one of the must within the Chinese household. Besides playing its role in a house, it is also good as a displaying art.
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