Wangfujing Commercial Street

Address: Wangfujing St. Dongcheng Dis. Beijing
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Wangfujing is one of Beijing’s most famous shopping streets. Less than a kilometer in length and with hundreds of years of history it is renowned for its bright neon signs and its famous Chinese and Western brand shops. Wangfujing combines both Chinese and Western architecture, with small snack stalls and giant shopping malls.

The street came into being during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), taking it’s name from the large number or upper-class residences (“Wang Fu” in Chinese) and the presence of a well (“Jing” in Chinese), though commercial enterprise at this site dates back at least to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Wangfujing has two large shopping malls, with one at each end of the street. The Oriental Plaza at southern end is a huge complex and one of the biggest malls in Asia, while the Sun Dong An Plaza at the north end contains the Apple Computer Center, VW Audi car showroom, Sony science exhibition center, many fashion stores, a lot of cafes and restaurants, a cinema, banks, etc.

Besides shopping malls, there is one of the largest book stores in Beijing – the Wangfujing Book Store, consisting of 6 floors. Many smaller shops selling famous Chinese and Western brands are also represented. One major draw for fans of Chinese food is the snack street. For foreign visitors the variety of food can be mind-boggling, with such food as intestines and scorpions alongside more prosaic favorites like lamb meat kebabs and Beijing’s own tanghulu (candied fruits on a large skewer).

Modern-day Wangfujing is largely pedestrianized and is well served by the Beijing Subway, with Wangfujing Station at the southern end.

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