Xiannongtan Stadium

Address: No. 11 Xiannongtan Street Xuanwu Dis.
Tel: +86-10–63017744

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Xiannontan Stadium was the oldest stadium as well as the only stadium in Beijing until the early period of liberation. It was built on the original address of Xiannongtan (Altar of Agriculture) in year 1936. Xiannongtan was built during the early period of Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty. It was the place where the worshipping of Goddess of Agriculture taken place in order to pray for a better harvest.

As the Xiannongtan could be considered as one of the largest public place in Beijing, it had successfully hosted many large scale ceremonies like Sports Assemble of Beijing and Workers’ Sports Day even before the liberation of China. Thus, it is also the venue of origin for the public sport in Beijing.

Nowadays, the Xiannongtan Stadium is located opposite the Temple of Heaven which about three kilometers from Tiananmen Square. It can be easily reach by all means of transportation. Being a multi-purpose stadium in Beijing, Xiannongtan Stadium is equipped with athletic field, tennis courts, ET tennis court as well as an indoor athletic field.

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