Yeya Lake

Address: Kangzhuang Zhen, Yanqing
Tel: 86-10-69131226
Entrance Fee: 30RMB
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Yeya Lake (Wild Duck Lake) is located in Yanqing District, northwest of Beijing. It is the only wetland reserve for birds in Northern China, and has a surface area of 6,873 hectares (68.7 million sq.m). The reed beds at Wild Duck Lake (the Eglish translation of “Yeya”) are relatively large and there are growths of floating grass. Because the natural environment is well preserved, it is an ideal habitat for migratory birds. According to official statistics, there are 264 kinds of birds, including 6 types of primary state-level protected birds and 34 secondary state-level ones, such as the bustard, gray crane and swans. The site is really at its best in early spring (mid or late March through to mid-April) and in mid-late autumn (mid-October to mid-November) when large numbers of water birds visit the site. Over 234 species have been reported here. It was confirmed as the Beijing Wetland Nature Reserve and a hotel complex has been built for birdwatchers.

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