Ancient City Wall

Ancient City Wall

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The Ancient City Wall was built about 2,700 years ago. Expanded in the Ming dynasty, it is the most well-preserved wall among the ancient historical and cultural city walls in China. The circumference of Pingyao city is 6,157.7 meters. The top of the wall is 3 to 6 meter-wide and the bottom 9 to 12-meter-wide. Its height is 10 meters (except the fort wall). The east, west and north walls are square and straight, while the south wall is serpentine, hence the ancient city is also called the city of the turtle. The southern gate looks like the head, the northern gate like the tail, the four gates in the west and east like the four legs and the four major streets, eight small streets and 72 lanes like designs on the back of the turtle. In ancient China, a turtle was the symbol of longevity and peace.

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