Ancient Observatory

Address: No2.Dongbiaobei Hutong, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-65242202
Entrance Fee: 10 RMB

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Beijing Ancient Observatory is located at southwest corner of Jianguomen Bridge. Built 566 years ago in 1442 during the Ming Dynasty, it is one of the most ancient observatories in world. It was built to explore and observe the heavens, as well as to prepare reports for the emperors, who looked for omens in the movements of the heavens. It was also used as a centre for sea navigation, with Muslim scholars recruited for this task.
It is well-known both in China and abroad for its long history and well-preserved ancient instruments. The observation platform is about 17 meters above street level. It has eight large bronze instruments which were exquisitely carved in Qing Dynasty. The design of these instruments reflect the technology of the European Renaissance and Oriental craftsmanship, as many were designed by Jesuit priests. Beijing Ancient Observatory is a milestone in Chinese architecture, marking a mix of eastern and western influences.

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