Badaling Safari World

Address:Exit No.21 Badaling Greatwall Parking Area
Tel: +86-10-69122591
Entrance Fee: 90RMB

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Badaling Safari Park lies in Shuiquangou, Badaling Town, Yanqing County, northwest of Beijing city. It’s about 2 kilometers to Badaling Great Wall and 60 kilometers from Beijing. The traffic is convenient as the entrance of the Badaling highway is opposite the Main Gate. The safari park is 1.715-kilometer-long and 3.03-kilometer-wide. The total area is 237.75 hectares. There are many types of animal, including lions and a wolf pack, though the main draws are the park’s tigers.  There is the opportunity to feed the predators, as well as to interact on a more comfortable level with some of the parks more cuddly inhabitants.

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