Baiyangdian Lake

Address: Anxin County Baoding Town Hebei Province
Tel: +86-312-5115729
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB
Operating Hours: 8:00 to 18:00

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Baiyangdian is a 4A scenic area which located at Anxin county of Hebei province. In fact, Baiyangdian is situated right on the borders of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang in which apart from each of these three destinations about 150 km that covering an area of 366 square kilometers. Besides that, Baiyangdian is also well known as the “west lake in the north China” ever since the ancient time. Nowadays, the good reputations that it won from almost every visitor have allowed this scenic area to be named as “The Pearl of North China”. Moreover, the beauty of the surrounding had been recorded in the poem named “south of the Yangtze River in the north” and a song named “a land flows with milk and honey” as well. As a result, it has been a top destination throughout the history and many emperors of China had visited this scenic spot throughout the years.

With a total area of 366 square kilometers, Baiyangdian enjoys a large water surface which is divided into 143 shallow lake berths with different sizes and shapes by 39 villages, 3,700 channels and 120,000 Mu reeds. On top of that, Baiyangdian also enjoys comfortable climate and extreme beautiful landscape through four seasons. When spring comes, sprouts of reeds will grow spontaneously one after another and the turn the whole shallow lake into green which look like the color of jade when you see from afar. When the summer is just around the corner, the reeds in green, the lotus in red as well as the willows along the bank which sway slightly in the wind has created a picturesque scene that attract the eyeball of each and every visitor. In autumn however, flowers of reeds will fly like snow and there is rice fragrant in the air while the surface of the lake will becoming a boundless jade.

As a typical northern wetland, Baiyabngdian is the kingdom of birds, paradise of fish as well as the museum of many sorts of water plants with advantaged tourism resources. Baiyangdian tourism site is divided into six large areas which consist of mandarin duck island folk-custom culture area, lotus area, zoology visiting area, entertainment area, wharf sightseeing area and folk-custom village touring area. Each of the area has its own unique characteristics and at the same time they include all rounded facilities like eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertaining that ensure a wonderful journey for all customers.

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