Bei Putuo Filming City

Address: No. 12 Nancaiyuan Xuanwu Dis.
Tel: +86-10-69279996, +86-10-69277566, +86-10-69279999

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Bei Putuo Filming City which covers an area of 300000 square meters is about 20 kilometers from Beijing downtown; it is a cultural destination that integrates tourism services, filming station and filming research. The overall architectural design within this filming city is built according to the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Thus, it is well known as the third largest filming city after the Filming City of China Central Television at Wuxi and Zhuozhou Filming City.
Besides garden that built according to the famous Chinese ancient literature Hongloumeng (Dream of Red Chamber), Bei Putuo Temple as well as other unique ancient Chinese architecture; there are also many cultural activities that carried out here. Moreover, the artificial ancient street of Ming and Qing Dynasty, ceramic shops as well as pines garden, bamboo garden and plum flower garden are all widely welcomed by visitors.
There are over twenty interesting scenic area throughout Bei Putuo Filming City with over fifty scenic spots available for guest. On top of that, there is a memorial hall for the Cao Xueqin, the writer of Hongloumeng (Dream of Red Chamber) as well within the park. The early of April each year is the liveliest season as cultural fair will be taken place here. You might be able to witness various types of Chinese cultural show like lion dances and dragon dances.

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