Beijing Beigong National Forest Park

Address: No 6 Lane 3 Dahuichang Village Changxin Town Fengtai Dis.
Tel: +86-10-83840830
Entrance Fee: Peak Season – 10 RMB; Low Season – 5 RMB

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Beigong National Forest Park is located in Fengtai District, the western part of Beijing and covers an area of 8 square km. It was first built in October 2002, and certified as National Forest Park in December, 2005. Most prominently, it was conferred as 4A level national tourism attraction and one of the most exquisite gardens in Beijing and the largest forest park nearest to Beijing city center.

Rugged terrain, the randomly-scattered slopes and peaks, secret and deep valleys, flourishing mountain and rivers clinging to each other, birds twiddling and sweet-smell flowers are within the park. Subtlety and elegancy befalls upon the natural scenery, uniqueness features cultural spots, exquisite crafts are used in gardening art, and purity in air is pleasant for you to breathe into.

The main peak in this park is called Langpo Peak (Wolf Slope Peak) at 349.8 meters in height.

The inevitable sightseeing spots:
Lancui Platform – The Platform for appreciating overview scenery
It is 243 meters in height and situated in the middle part of the park. With mountain around at three sides and water at the other, you will definitely get an overview of the diverse hills, layout of the surrounding villages, and all beautiful attractive landscapes of the park. As you cast your eyes further and further forward while standing on the platform, joyful entertainment is therefore attained.

Ban Xia Pavilion-The Pavilion for accompaniment of rosy clouds
Sit upon the Wo Hu(Tiger resting) Mountain, it is on the opposite side of the Lang Po( Wolf Slope) peak at the height of 312 meters.

Qiushi (Autumn Fruits) Garden
Strawberries, plums, peaches, pears and apricots are grown in this garden. Fruitful clusters of grapes hang along the long grape-corridor—a pretty good choice for picking up.

Xuanhui Tower
The tower is 198.5 meters in height, with underground concealed river flowing 3400 meters or so below the ground surface and river water temperature may reach 50 degrees centigrade.

Xinglong Valley (Moving Dragon Valley)
In the valley, the water winds downward for several hundred meters in the shape of a moving dragon. Acacia and elm trees there stands tall and with strength.

Forest of Birds of 100 Species
The bird forest leans upon Bei Gong Manor and is adjacent to Xinglong Valley (Moving Dragon Valley) and Tombs of Nine Kings. Stone desks and chairs are mounted through the forest for visitors to sit on and indulge themselves to nature while taking in the clearer air after rain from this natural oxygen warehouse.

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