Beijing Carpet

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China is famous for carpet making which dates back to about 3,000 years ago. The people of Beijing learned this craft from the Tibetans in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The demand for Tibetan carpets was so pression that more and more craftsmen came to the capital city and settled down. Thus the carpet industry flourished.

Of all the carpets made in Beijing, the “Temple of Heaven” brand carpets are among those highly acclaimed in the world market. Their craftsmanship and designs are superb and outstanding due to the craftsmen’s great efforts to combine traditional folk art with modern technology.

Nowadays, Beijing produces many carpets, each of which has its own feature both in design and quality. Carpets with motifs symbolizing Happiness and Longevity are always popular. There are those with distinctive, mythical motifs such as dragons, phoenixes and unicorns, while some others are modeled after ancient Buddhist themes.

In 1903, Beijing carpets won the first prize in the International Exposition held in the United States for the novelty of theit designs, fine cradftsmanship as well as durability. At present, Beijing is still upholding this fine tradition.

The art of carpet-making is now being further perfected by new designs and ever- improving technology in spinning. Dyeing, weaving, cutting and washing.

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