Beijing Daguanyuan

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Beijing Daguanyuan(Grand View Garden) is a very unique ancient garden around Beijing. The whole garden has covered an area of almost 13 hectares with over 40 pavilions and towers as well as Buddhism style of courtyard which was designed with artificial mountains and river systems, plenty of colorful flowers and lush greenery. Many of the researchers for Hongloumeng (The Dream of Red Chamber), one of the most famous classical literatures of China are having the same thought that Beijing Daguanyuan is absolutely the dreamy paradise in Hongloumeng. Besides that, it is also a great destination that exhibits the culture of Red Chamber. In the context of architectural study, Daguanyuan is a place where integrates the study of Red Chamber, ancient architecture as well as traditional courtyard settings into one. In the context of literature study, it is a modern place that combines modern filming background as well as traditional courtyard settings whereas for the people of courtyard study, it is a new style of courtyard which is added to the entire famous garden throughout the nation. Moreover, Daguanyuan possesses the potential to become a real cultural heritage perhaps in coming future. The design of Daguanyuan has gained applause from the public especially the lovers of The Dream of Red Chamber. Since the opening of the park fifteen years ago, over 2,600,000 people have visited here and the amount of visitors is expected to keep increasing in the future.

Basically, there will be three major special events to be taken place at Daguanyuan annually. The first event throughout the year would be within the Spring Festival. During this event, many traditional performances will be taking place on both Water Stage and Traditional Stage from 10am to 4pm. This is the best opportunity for you to know more about Chinese culture especially. Besides that, Mid Autumn Festival is another highlight of Daguanyuan as well. Many activities under the theme of moon and reunion will be carried out here such as Moon Lit Dinner, Cultural Performances as well as Visiting Garden in the Night. Daguanyuan has been given the pride of organizing this annual festival for ten years, commonly the event will last for three to four days. Generally, some theme activities will be organized during golden holiday as well.

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