Beijing Honghua International Golf Club

Address: No. 108 Beiyuan Road, Yayuncun, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-64928658

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Beijing Honghua International Golf Club is located at Asian Games Village of Chaoyang District. The location of the golf club is very strategic with North Star Continental Grand Hotel, a 5-star hotel at 1500 meters to the north and Beijing Olympic Green at 1500 meters to the east. The whole area of the course covers 135 acres including an 18-hole international standard golf course, club house, practice lane as well as some high-ended residential area. The construction of the golf course began in July 2001 and accomplished in April of 2004.
In fact, the Beijing Honghua International Golf Club is delicately designed by Nick Faldo, who determined to make it an international level golf course ever since the beginning of the designing stage. Nick Faldo has been responsible in the design of another three golf course project prior to this at the southern province of China. Anyway, Beijing Honghua International Golf Club is his first golf course at the northern part of China and at the same time, it is also his signature golf course as well.
Although the original topography of Beijing is more stable and plain in terms of geographical view, Faldo had planned to offer an extremely excited experience for golfers to play at mountainous lawn. Moreover, white colored stones have been used to replace the white sand that commonly found at golf course. Throughout the 18 holes, Faldo loved the 15th hole the most and purposely named it as Faldo’s Lane.

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