Beijing Hujing Water Park

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The Beijing Hujing Water Park (Beijing Lake View Water Park) which located on the western side of Yanqi Lake, Huairou District Beijing is a huge outdoor water amusement park that invested by both locals and foreign companies. Due to its strategic location and its coverage of area that reaches 100000 square meters, it is the largest theme park with the latest water activities offering to all visitors.

The whole architecture designs as well as its decoration themes of Beijing Lake View Water Park are mainly according to the style of Caribbean Sea. At the same time, you may also experience the passion of tropical countries as well which may give you some special feelings when you are here. The pure and clear water used for all attractions within this water amusement park is one of the selling points as the water filtering system here is strictly designed according to the standard of Swimming Center of Olympic Games in year 1992 and 1996. Moreover, the games of water amusement park were designed by Whitewater West Industries Ltd., Canada which has previously in charged the designing and construction consultancy for over 100 theme parks worldwide including Disney Water Adventure in United States. Most of the facilities are brought in from western countries and many choices of games are available for visitors. The park can accept as many as 15000 customers at one time.

As a water park of international level, the major water games that available consists of Glenda Surf Beach (Surge Pool) with overall area of 3000 square meters and eight types of wave shapes, and waves will be made every fifteen minutes; Jamaica Body Slide with four one-person slide way of 140 meters length, the difference of height between the starting and the ending point is 14 meters; Bahamas Mamas Tube Slide with four two-person slide way of 160 meters length, the difference of height between the starting and ending point is 18 meters; Amazon River Rafting with total length of 450 meters.

Besides that, there are also five types of restaurants, souvenir shops, picnic areas as well as medical center that might fulfill majority of the requirements of visitors. The picnic area is about 10000 square meters with large, middle and small size of picnic huts available for the use of visitors. Professional medical teams with doctors and nurse are always ready to assist to anyone who might need helps. This is absolutely a great place to escape from the routine life.

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