Beijing International Golf Club

Address: Northwest of the Ming Tombs Reservoir, Chagping District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-60762288
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Strategically located adjacent to the Ming Tomb ReservoirBeijing International Golf Club is blessed with natural cool breeze as well as breathtaking scenery. The club is designed strictly according to the international 18-hotel standard which covers an area of over 1000000 square meters. In fact, the club is officially opened to members in year 1986 as the first golf club in Beijing. As it is situated just 40 minutes from city center of Beijing, it can be reached easily by all means of transportation. While standing at the lobby area of the golf club, you can enjoy the broad vistas of Ming Tomb Reservoir, one of the most popular tourist attractions around Beijing.
Lush green lawn has covered almost every single inch of the course and the distance of the hole are basically more than 500 meters too. The hole with the highest rank of difficulty can be counted for Hole 7. There is a piece of clear water pond in front of the starting point while trees are lined accordingly on the left hand side of you. Although Hole 7 can be considered as the most difficult one among all, the beautiful scenery around the area is also eye-catching as well. Besides that, the Hole 17 with typical garden view of river, lotus ponds and bridges offers a totally different feel on the other hand.
Besides the challenging 18-hole golf course, Beijing International Golf Club can offer more than what you expect. The additional services like Chinese and western restaurant, washrooms, accessories shops as well as training court. Spending a weekend here together with your beloved family is a wonderful experience for you. You may enjoy golfing during day time and spend your night hours with your families having a BBQ dinner at the courtyard of the golf club.

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